How Much Money Can You Make From Writing An Ebook?

How Much Money Can You Make From Writing An Ebook?

How much can you earn? If your work has dramatically caught everyone’s attention, you can make as much as $230 for the first month and can even reach up to $10,000 a year. Your earnings may also get higher if you have written and published multiple ebooks. But with many authors who are going on self-publishing mode with publishing platforms such as Amazon Kindle, everyone can already expect a tighter competition.
If you know that your work has what it takes to sell hundreds or even thousands of copies, don’t hesitate to have published.

Are you a writer who wants to level up their career and earnings through writing? Well, you can boost up your earnings by just continuing your passion for writing. How? You will need to add something new with the touch of digital technology.

While you can still opt for the traditional way of publishing your work, more and more writers are taking the chance to publish their work online. This made way to have it in electronic version, thus, calling it an electronic book or popularly known as eBook.

Ebooks do not just consist plainly of electronic texts. Sometimes it can also include a video, hyperlinks, and even audio. Since almost every one of us is largely dependent on digital technology if there is a particular place that you can market your book to your target audience that would probably here, in the online world.
Even those who have printed their books through the traditional process are also working on producing its electronic version. So, it is just reasonable to have your work published online.

How Much Can You Earn With Ebooks?

It depends – some authors do earn well, others make even better. Several factors may add to your earnings – it may depend on who will be your publisher and the quality as well as the volume of ebooks that you have. If you have partnered with a reputable publisher such as with Amazon Kindle, aside from the earnings, there are also other perks that you can enjoy. With them, you will no longer be thinking about the book blurbs, cover art, and its marketing – they have simply work it out for you.

There is also nothing wrong if you will self-published your work. Here are some of the successful ebooks and the brilliant authors behind them:

  • Torn, Switch, Ascend: Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking – who says that selling books at 99 cents as a strategy would not work? Well, this author had proven that everything is possible. She started selling the first copies of her novel “My Blood Approves,” and the rest was history.
  • Rob Dirks’ “Where the Hell is Tesla?”– This might be his first science fiction novel, and he tried to have it self-published. Well, we can all say that he had taken a worthwhile risk. He sold a total of 10,000 copies for the first year!
  • “50 Shades of Grey” trilogy by E.L. James – this might be the most intriguing book that was ever published, but with its popularity and have it print-on-demand to have a paperback version, we really can’t argue much. People may have mixed critical responses about it, but the book had sold over a hundred million copies worldwide. This book also holds the record for being the fastest-selling paperback— cheers to this brilliant work of E.L. James.

Publishing companies may have rejected their work, but these authors have never given up. Now, they have found a great platform, such as Amazon, to showcase their work. Doing this, you have your say on how much you will be selling your eBook to your target audience. Depending on your tactics, you can make changes to the price.

However, the ideal price for your eBook will also depend on its length, the competition, and your reader’s review. It would still be all about the quality and how you have effectively caught the attention of thousands or even millions of readers across the globe.